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Anavar – Oxandrolone

Manufacturer: Generics Pharma
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Anavar (Oxandrolone)
Package: 100 tabs. 10 mg

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         Anavar – Oxandrolone oral steroids

Anavar – Oxandrolone oral steroids for adults contains 100 tabs per package and it is manufactured by Generics Pharmacy. It consist of Oxandrolone which has a reputation of being Dihydrotestosterone and its effective benefits. It is proper choice for both women and man bodybuilders due its relatively low androgenic based side effects. Especially for women bodybuilders Oxandrolone is considered as the best steroid thanks to its virilazation-friendy effects.


The gastrointestinal tract rapidly absorbes Oxandrolone. It results  in a maximum plasma concentration between 30 and 90 minutes and a plasma half-life of about 9 hours. We recommend Oxandrolone orally in the treatment of constitutional delayed growth and puberty in boys. Courses of treatment are short (about 3 to 4 months) because of the risk of epiphyseal closure. Down the years,we have always prescribed Oxandrolone   to post-menopausal women in the treatment of osteoporosis. Oxandrolone is also under investigation in the treatment of Turner’s syndrome in girls. As oxandrolone is C17-alpha-alkylated there is the potential for liver damage.

                                         Androgenic effects

Oxandrolone has relatively low androgenic effects, with little aromatization in males. It has a reputation for increasing strength but not size. It is popular with women because of its low incidence of side-effects due to virilization. Some cases of facial hair growth and deepening of the voice are evidence over doses. Gastrointestinal irritation, including pain and diarrhoea, are common side-effects in both male and female users. Anavar – Oxandrolone oral steroids for adults

As we mentioned above, Oxandrolone/Anavar – Oxandrolone oral steroids for adults is more effective on female bodybuilders than men. It is not common to use it for enhancing the mass of muscles. It is more proper to use it for cutting cycles among male bodybuilders. On the other hand it is much more effective on females.90